Ruben Lenten

Ruben Lenten

Meet the Master of Extreme

Don’t think we need to explain who Ruben Lenten is. Lenten is a real kite board legend and mega loops are legendary. His goal: higher, harder and more extreme.

Ruben is one of those guys who take things in his stride. His laid-back attitude and philosophy allow him to enjoy life to the fullest and take his career on the water all the way to the top. Ruben, a.k.a ‘master of extreme’, is the one pushing kite boarding to the absolute limits; it’s all about flying higher, going faster and being more extreme.

After years of competing at the top, his focus shifted to promoting the extreme side of kite boarding, the side that wasn’t getting airtime due to the sport being relatively new and many elements were yet to be discovered. This more extreme side involved riding in storm conditions with gale force winds and massive waves, while performing risky aero-acrobatics with the kite.

“I just like going big and flying!”

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